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Born in Paris, France but raised in Los Angeles, CA Alexia never felt like she fit in. Although coming to the US at young of age of 2 she quickly found that her upbringing was like not like that of her friends. She tried to blend in but found that the more she tried to be blend in the more she stood out. Like many other kids she was made fun of and after the separation of her parents the bullying increased. Operation blend in was an epic fail. She started writing and found that even at a very early age she could covey her emotions more vividly through artistic expression than she could by just talking. Little by little she began to find her voice and quickly found her place on stage starring in musicals, out in the field playing sports, getting involved with the student council, starting a cheerleading squad, and anything and everything else she could get involved with. Always looking to expand her horizons she tried her hand at professional theater at the at the age of 15 and it quickly parlayed into a successful commercial and modeling career.

Alexia says that things turned around for her when she stopped trying to blend in. She began to see that every person was born to stand out in their own way. Rather than hardening her heart, her experiences at a young age left her with more compassion for people, especially the underdogs. She believes that every person has greatness on the inside them of them waiting to come out. Her heart is to see people walk in the fullness of their potential and walk out that greatness.

Alexia is an artist in every sense of the word. She continues to ride the wave of artistic expression through her acting, writing, cooking, dancing, painting, singing, and speaking.

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