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I have been acting in Los Angeles since 2006 where I worked on two national commercials as well as a few independent features. I am unbelievably grateful for the opportunities to do what I love and am fully aware that I would not be here in this crazy but wonderful city sharing my story if I had not kept my focus on my dream.

I am a twenty-six year old virgin and I believe that it has been my waiting that has propelled me forward at a steady pace towards my dream. By waiting and staying focused on my dreams, I have stayed the course of what I came to Los Angeles to pursue. I know the hearts of women; I know we’re emotional creatures. When I’m in a relationship it takes me a long time to even kiss. A kiss is such an emotional act that it creates room in your heart and your mind to the person who receives it. I can’t imagine giving my ENTIRE heart, soul, mind and body in the act of sex to a man who could potentially leave me in a year, two years…tomorrow! OR, to a man that I may want to leave in a year, two years tomorrow! It would make me crazy (which is why restraining orders exist).

You wouldn’t put a hotel up on the San Francisco bridge, or build a zoo, because the bridge was only designed to get vehicles across; that’s its purpose. Outside of marriage, sex can destroy hearts and lead to bitterness and anger that can affect others. Sex before marriage does not bring you closer to your dreams.

I’ve always looked at my body as a gift that I will someday give away to my husband on our wedding night. It’s the rarest gift I can give because I can CHOOSE to give it to no one else BUT my husband. What else in life is that rare? Even if you had a rare gem, and it was the only one in the world, would you want to take a sledge hammer to it breaking it in pieces giving it away to many or would you want to keep it intact, whole, and give it away to the one who will actually treasure it?

Life is not a question of if opportunities will find you. It is a question as to whether or not you will be ready when they do. I encourage you to protect your heart while simultaneously pursing every dream inside of it.

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