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Hunter always felt most alive outdoors amidst nature. He grew up engaged in football, basketball, baseball, track, and cross-country in Keller, Texas. He spent summers at the lake enjoying water sports, hiking, kayaking, and golfing, while spending his winters skiing and snowboarding.

Hunter’s athletic skill won him district titles in the 800 and 1,600 meters track and field competitions. In 2003 he qualified for the state cross country championships, while also maintaining an excellent GPA, and as a member of both the National Honor Society and FCA.

A track and field scholarship from Baylor University allowed Hunter to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Science Education, with emphasis in Exercise Physiology. He planned on exploring a future as a professional athlete however a series of injuries abruptly ended his career.

During his college years, Hunter began modeling for JC Penny’s, Dillards, Dick’s Sporting goods, Academy Sports, Samsung, Hasbro, Nerf, and Dickies. Soon after he was inspired to try acting, and quickly realized he had a natural propensity towards it. Within a year of discovering his new found passion, Hunter booked the supporting lead role, “Tommy,” in the Lions Gate psychological thriller, The Final.

Hunter moved to Los Angeles, immediately after Baylor Graduation, quickly attaining great representation as an actor. Since his time in Hollywood, Hunter has been in commercials such as: Bud-Light, Jeep, Jack-n-the-Box, and Avon. Someday he wants to produce his own films, that inspire hope, give life, and show God’s love for fallen man, in a way that relates, and captivates, people from all walks of life.

Those who know Hunter would describe him as “passionate,” and “hard-working.” He is empathetic and caring to anyone he is around, finding joy in living for others. Since joining the ELEV8 team in late 2011, he has been a blessing to the effort and to his team, never shy of doing anything outrageous just to make people laugh.

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