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Johan has dedicated his life to helping people dream great dreams and foster the courage to live them out. Johan connects easily with audiences of all ages and racial backgrounds and keeps their attention with his warm charisma, witty humor, comical story-telling and thought provoking message. He uses his life story to compel his audience to make healthy choices, avoid destructive behaviors, and pursue their life dreams and passions. Johan does a masterful job of meeting audiences where they are and easily relates to their lives, effectively breaking through walls and touching hearts.

His story has fostered interest by various media sources. He has been featured on the front cover of Chicago’s premier young adult newspaper, “The Redeye”, he has been a special guest on a number of TV and radio shows which include, two appearances on “The Tyra Banks show”, “Fox News in the Morning”, WLS Radio Chicago, and the critically acclaimed “Today Show”.

Along with being a nationally known speaker, Johan currently works as a counselor/educator for the non-profit community program called CANDO in Chicago, IL. He is also an aspiring actor and a former Ford Model. Johan earned his BA from Northeastern University in Communications and currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

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