“What you have been through does not define who you are.”


The title curriculum, or SECOND CHANCE All School Assembly Program,  is the backbone of ELEV8-X, entailing the fully interactive and digitally responsive high school and classroom assembly program. The SECOND CHANCE program is primarily designed for a 90 minute presentation upwards of 3000 students. SECOND CHANCE reaches out to young people at the most important, critical, and often time most dangerously experimental part of their lives: adolescence.

With the African-American community showing a fatherless household of 70% and Hispanic communities in the 50-percentile range, teenagers haphazardly embrace guidance through the loudest voice of their culture: the media. Unwittingly emulating the messages of risky behaviors without consequences, young people today find themselves meandering through life without any clear communication, subsequently finding themselves in a quagmire of hopelessness, self-hatred, confusion, fear, heartache, and host of other consequences ranging from legal to financial due to a general lack of influence from healthy role models.

SECOND CHANCE is the very real, culturally relevant, and socially relatable nucleus of the ELEV8-X mission: to educate, to entertain, and to inspire teenagers to embrace dreams and simultaneously avoid risky behaviors. Risky behaviors are defined specifically by drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sex, bullying– but ultimately are anything that inhibits individual potential. Teens are taught that they can be prototypes or stereotypes; individuals or statistics.

SECOND CHANCE suggests that the most effective way to communicate the limiting potential and pitfalls of risky behaviors is to help young people to first embrace their individuality and self-worth. SECOND CHANCE exposes the lie of the media, speaking to the students as the authors of their own destiny from a place of confidence in the success of healthy choices.

Statistics show that 48% of young people have experimented with sex, drugs, alcohol, gang activity, or bullied someone by the time they are seniors in high school. Without role models, the media influences them to utilize these behaviors as a cathartic outlet for their adolescent challenges. Ironically as such experimentation leads to heartache and emotional baggage associated with damaging sexual relationships, they increase the frequency by which they engage drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, cutting and pornography. The very behaviorisms designed to help one become self aware are now the coping mechanisms that this transcendental quest for identity has brought about.

SECOND CHANCE therefore is appropriately named so because it realistically recognizes its audience and knows it must help young people draw a line in the sand between their prior decisions and the healthy future they can still achieve. Therefore the 90-minute interactive and high-energy assemblies are not only a place for teens to hear the truth, but also express themselves and their struggles very candidly during the question and answer conclusion.

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