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Queen is an actress, author, poet, lyrist, activist and dancer. She is well versed in scripture and is very effective in communicating this to those who are privileged enough to listen.

Queen Kelli is the founder of a non-profit organization entitled “Proud 2 B Pure, The Movement” which promotes purity by educating and exposing the dangers of sexual promiscuity, sexual perversion, drugs and pornography. She developed her program as a concerned parent who wanted her children to see the positive side of living an abstinence lifestyle. After years of research and seeing that there was a lot of misinformation given to today’s young people, she choose to do the right thing by forming an organization that would take the truth about sex into the community. On a monthly basis Queen orchestrates an abstinence program for nearly 50 students with 20 volunteers.

Queen Kelli has dedicated her life to helping youth understand how to put the incredible power of God’s truth to work in their lives through making healthy choices. Queen travels the country as a role model and a professional speaker to assist students in embrace the virtue of chastity, building self-esteem and confidence, and being a positive voice of truth for others.

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