“BOOM! How we doin’?”


Luis is a gifted, bilingual motivational speaker, educator and trainer who shares his life story of Abstinence ‘Till Marriage (ATM),

Luis left a position as the Director of the Fourth largest conference center in Orange County, CA to dedicate his life to helping young people succeed in life by saving sex for marriage. Born in El Salvador, Luis came to the United States at age 14. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Luis’s “BOOOM!!!…HOW YOU DOIN??…WASSSUUUPPP??” energetic style connects with youth regardless of their ethnic background – White-Caucasian, African-American, Native-Americans and Hispanic/Latino youth respond to his messages. He regularly receives feedback from youth across the country whose lives have been changed by his message of sexual Abstinence ‘Till Marriage.

Luis has spoken to thouLsands of teenagers and parents through motivational school assemblies, rallies, community & government workshops and churches across the U.S., Mexico, Central & South America, the Caribbean and Kenya (Africa). Luis uses his dramatic and exciting life story to dynamically illustrate the benefits of a lifestyle of Abstinence from Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Violence and Sex until Marriage. He covers topics such as Teen Pregnancy, STDs, HIV/AIDS, Why & How to WAIT and also various issues as Race Relations, Race Integration, Youth Development, Mentoring & Leadership, Fatherhood and Effective Parent & Youth Communication.

He captures student’s attention when they learn that this young man’s life takes a 180 degree turn when he comes to grips with the problems that he created for himself, his children and ex-wives as a result of his lifestyle and poor life choices. With an understanding of these problems and desire to prevent additional problems for him and his children in the future, he walks away from drugs, alcohol, sex & violence and makes a commitment to an Abstinent Lifestyle and to become a Real Father for his children.

Luis communication skills have been utilized throughout the country by such groups as Florida Department of Health, Puerto Rico Department of Health, U.S. Administration of Children and Families, Mississippi Department of Human Services, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, National Abstinence Clearinghouse, Truth 4 Youth, Alpha Center, Abstinence and Marriage Education Resources, Worth the Wait, Healthy Families Initiative, Friends Firsts/STARS, Future Leaders Outreach Network, Rise Up America, World Hope, Right to Life, International Life Services, Hispanics for Life, and Esperanza. He has appeared on Telemundo, Univision, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC News and TBN. Mr. Galdamez has been featured in numerous newspapers including the Herald, L.A. Times, Hoy, La Opinion, O.C. Register and Excelsior.

Luis is the Executive Director of La Familia Hispana and the Vice Chairman of the Board of The Abstinence Clearinghouse. He has received numerous awards including the Last International Impact Award at the Abstinence Clearinghouse International Leadership Conference .He is a Certified Educator and Trainer for Game Plan, El Plan de Juego, Navigator, Aspire, Quest & Excel (Faith Based) Abstinence & Marriage Education (A-H) Curricula. Luis’s life story/testimony is feature in Lakita Garth-Wright’s book The Naked Truth of Sex, Love & Relationships and Scott Phelps (Abstinence & Marriage Education Resources) New Curriculum: Quest.

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