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The Bully Project Now in THEATRES!!!

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The highly anticipated documentary Bully is a heartbreaking and significant window into one of the biggest issues facing today’s kids and teens: According to the press notes for the film, over 13 million young people will experience some form of bullying this year. The documentary’s trailer, released this week, offers a first look at the powerful film set to hit theatres next month.

Directed by Emmy and Sundance award-winning director Lee Hirsch, the documentary follows five kids and their families over the course of one school year and the ways that bullying affects their lives. Bully gives a face to the bullying epidemic, highlighting the story of real kids, teens, parents, and schools affected by this epidemic.

The film, which premiered last April at the Tribeca film festival, was given an ‘R’ rating by the Motion Picture Association of America due to explicit language and footage of bullying. Hirsh has protested against the decision and the Weinstein Company plans to appeal the rating before the film’s release in March. The director said in a recent statement: “I made Bully for kids to see –- the bullies as well as the bullied. We have to change hearts and minds in order to stop this epidemic, which has scarred countless lives and driven many children to suicide.”

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