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Tre received his “15” minutes of fame” when he was cast as a constant on MTV’s show Say What? Karaoke. He later moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of his heart’s desire to become a successful actor. Since his arrival to Hollywood in 2002, Tre has had principle roles in over 14 commercials, 7 TV shows, and performed on multiple live theater stages throughout Southern California.

“I am glad that I have the opportunity to live out my dreams, but more importantly, I feel blessed to be able to connect with youth and adults in a way that will impact them for the rest of their lives.”

Despite his achievements as an actor, Tre’s biggest passion is to powerfully change the course people’s lives. His high energy and ability to relate to persons of all walks of life have effectively aided listeners in embracing their full potential. From high schools to churches, youth groups to juvenile halls, Tre’s enthusiasm and charisma have encouraged many to realize their life’s purpose. Tre is a living example that we are not fighting a loosing battle when it comes to the youth and young adults within the United States. He is a role model that is gifted with the ability to address critical teen issues in an manner in which they can understand and embrace. “Young people need our guidance, if we don’t help them, we will loose them to the negative influences of our society. We can no longer allow this to happen.” Tre is determined to bring his message of hope to teens and young adults across the United States. He can currently be seen on Nick Jr’s, “Move to the Music” as a member of the kid’s show, Jumpitz.

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